Review: Dpower Backpacking Stove

The lightweight backpacking stove market is dominated by MSR and that is for a good reason. They make high-quality, reliable, long-lasting equipment. People know that they can take their equipment into the wild and it won't fail them. When looking for a backpacking stove I definitely considered MSR's Whisperlite and the Dragonfly, but the Whisperlite was a little rich for my budget and I don't like the high center of gravity of the Dragonfly, which mounts to the top of a fuel canister.

While researching alternatives I came across the Dpower Foldable Camping Stove with Piezo Ignition (4.8 Ounce.) This has to be the least marketable product name in history, but it does a good job at describing what you're buying. A fold-able backpacking stove with a piezo ignition that weighs 4.8 oz! It works with isobutane-propane or straight butane fuel. The Primus Power Gas fuel I use is isobutane-propane and can be found at places like Walmart for $5.

What it doesn't tell you is that for the cost ($20) it is a very well built piece of equipment. Every piece of the stove feels well made and solid. The stoppers that set the angle of the arms that hold the pot up are all even, the feet extend smoothly and create a solid base for cooking, and the ignition works like a charm. The piece that screws onto the fuel bottle has very smooth feeling threads, the washer that forms the seal is well made and feels nice to tighten down on, and the knob that opens the gas line/adjusts the flame has a smooth, solid, and precise action.

Something to note as a feature I like about this stove is that the flame adjustment knob is located at the fuel end of the fuel line as opposed to the stove end. I've used stoves that have the adjustment on the stove end and although I've never burned myself I don't like putting my hand so close to the flame and turning a knob directly under 1 liter of boiling water. With the adjustment knob being at the fuel canister end of the line you can make adjustments to the flame and you won't worry about it.

As far as performance goes I have no complaints. The flame is highly adjustable and you can get a simmer going on this stove very easily. You can see the stove at full power and at a simmer in the photos above. At full power I was able to boil a liter of water in about 4.5 minutes.

Although the stove does not come with a windscreen it does have a nice little cinch bag for storage and sits inside my 1100 ml. pot easily. As far as bang for your buck, this has to be the best backpacking stove around. It is very well made and I feel as comfortable taking it into the woods with me as I would with a more expensive name-brand stove.