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2017 Upcoming Backpacking Trips

2017 Upcoming Backpacking Trips

You may have noticed that the blog has been relatively quiet since my trip to Pictured Rocks last year. The trips to Linville Gorge, Mt. Rainier, Seven Lakes Basin, and Pictured Rocks all happened within a 3 month period and my PTO for the fall was shot. Additionally I wasn't really in the mood for any short, weekend jaunts in Michigan after such an incredible series of backpacking trips.

Thankfully this time away from the trail gave me some time to think about what kind of trips I'd like to do in 2017. In this post I'll talk a little bit about the trips I have coming up so you know what trip reports to look forward to.

#1 - North Country Trail - Manistee River Trail (Michigan) w/ Sarah

Last year at Mt. Rainier Sarah injured her right knee and has been doing some physical therapy on it. This will be our first trip of the year.  I've done this short loop hike before, but Sarah hasn't. It will be a nice way to see how her recovered knee reacts to hiking again. We'll take our time and do the 21ish miles over 2 nights/3 days.

#2 - Waterloo - Pinckney Trail (Michigan) Solo

This is the only trail in southeast Michigan that has any decent amount of distance. It is 36 miles and I would like to hike it end-to-end in 2 days/1 night. I decided to try this after realizing the map wasn't available for free anywhere online, so I made one. 

#3 - North Country Trail (Michigan) w/ Sarah

Initially we were planning on this trip being a 52 mile loop of the Bartram Trail and the Appalachian Trail down in North Carolina, but we had an idea that it would be better to do more mileage and less driving in preparation for trip #4. This trip will be a 100 mile section of the North Country Trail through Manistee National Forest in Michigan. We'll start at the 1 Mile Rd. trailhead and finished up 8 days later at Red Bridge River Access. Here is a map I created to plan for it. 

#4 - Collegiate Peaks Loop (Colorado) w/ Sarah

If our backpacking trips were a menu this would be the main course. It is a 160 mile loop that uses a section of the Continental Divide Trail and the Collegiate West Trail. It is the reason we're hiking the 100 mile section of NCT in preparation. We will complete this loop in 13 days with a resupply half way. Average distance per day will be 12.5 miles, but we'll be hiking between 8500 and 12,500 feet in elevation. We live at 600 feet, so the 12 miles each day will be a challenge.

#5 - Somewhere in North Carolina Solo

At some point in the fall I'd like to get back down to NC. I have unfinished business with the southern half of Linville Gorge. I may also still try to get down to the Bartram/AT Loop that I mentioned earlier. I have some options, so we'll see.

So, there is what to expect from me for the rest of this year! I also have some gear I'd like to do some reviews of, but I find gear much harder to write about than trip reports so don't hold your breath.

See you on the trails!

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